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எனது படைப்புகளைப் பகிர்ந்துகொள்ள ஒ௫ களம். Here i use this blog to post my works like photographs, short films, Public service AD, Animation Clip etc....

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I can’t conclude about myself, ofcourse about anybody. Even a matter or a principle that we can’t define. All definitions are made by our mind for our mind. In existence everything is indefinable. ------- You may think that I am telling about myself, but about my ego, ie. What I framed about myself in my mind. Actually I am searching about me. Some times I may know that. There I found that me is YOU and that me is everybody, everything. My ego never allows me to be in that state longer. So please don’t ask about me, because I am asking that to myself.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

AD for little hearts

This is my First Project in Media Arts - Loyola college

GAP this is not a short film but a search...

Please click the Link below 
 - - - - - G   A    P - - - - - 

It is a short Film made during my final sem in my PG

It is a search of real existence and the ultimate truth of life

Click the text "G A P" for its youtube link to watch it ....

Ground water is like our Mother's Milk Don't Commercialize it.

Past and the feature

  This is a visual edited during my post graduation.

U want Fish..


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